Don’t Forget To Let Your Voice Be Heard

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Your voice is your powerhouse. It is your daily measure of influence. It is your ability to shake off the silence. It is somebody’s goodnight lullaby. It is a refreshing whisper in somebody’s ear. It is a recurring laugh in your beloved’s mind. It is a vital counsel to a person in need. It is a cue for a soul to know that they are loved. It is your dynamic roar of freedom, joy, strength, and boldness. It is so much more than a few words egressing from your lips. It is your beam of vulnerability.

Your voice shouldn’t be deadened. Its rhythm shouldn’t sound like that of an auto-tune. It shouldn’t represent words that do not belong to your mouth. It shouldn’t bear fear that always sticks inside. It shouldn’t carry words that are detestable. It shouldn’t synthesize syllables that appear gloom-ridden. It shouldn’t exercise assertions of annihilation. It shouldn’t have the ability to produce words that are wounding. It should never be a toxin in someone’s heart.

But your voice will not always be appreciated. It won’t have the potential to make every situation in agreement. It will be misunderstood time and again. It will have a burden of accusations on it. It will speak truths that pinch the hearts of people. It will be mocked at and tried to be suppressed. It will be portrayed as a voice of defensiveness. It will face everything that will hush it’s sparkle down.

But all you have to do is let your voice out. Loud and open, clear and wide. Let it barge through the mendacity it faces. Let it scream the thoughts that swift across every cell of your mind. Let it raise the opinions that it wants to express. Let it embrace liberty and ecstasy. Let it be a moral to this world. Let it make everyone known of its valor. Let it fight its battles every moment. Let it swing across words of life and passion. Let your voice be, the way it’s created to be. TC mark

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