Never Give A Cheater A Second Chance

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Never take back a cheater. No matter what happened, how it happened and why it happened. Trust me, it’s not worth putting yourself through the immense amount of hurt, anger, shame and distraught. Cheating was a choice. It had nothing to do with you. Everyone involved, no matter how big or small of a role they had in the process, deserve to be cut out of your life. Even if it was your “best friend.”

If you have been cheated on, trust me, I know every amount of pain you are going through. Thinking about giving them a second chance? Don’t. Absolutely don’t. Learn from the people that have loved, and given cheaters a chance to reform. They don’t change. Their habits, their thoughts and perspectives won’t change for you. In fact, they will find countless of reasons to tell you why it happened the way it did, never taking responsibilities for their own actions because they are indulged with insecurity, unhappiness within themselves and possibly craving unhealthy desires all the time.

They will pin out the reasons for their cheating, on you. They cheated because of this, or that, never really taking the full responsibility as the sole act of cheating itself. They feed on victimizing themselves, putting you as one of the bad guys. Cheaters are good with their words. They know how to manipulate people. They are the best type of liars to be around. 

Please, don’t give them a second chance. Don’t get into their ball of toxic perspectives because ultimately they will devour every part of life you had. You are inviting yourself to another world of trouble.

Trust me, you deserve better. I know it doesn’t seem like that right now because you need to give yourself time to heal. You need to find love within yourself again. Don’t let this first relationship of yours decide the rest. Relationships aren’t everything. They never were. Cheating is not an excuse, and it definitely isn’t the norm.

There is true love in this world, as cliché as it sounds. There is. A relationship does exist where two people fall immensely in love with one another and are the best of friends. They make every effort to be in love and continue to love. While it may not be perfect, as relationships aren’t perfect, but love does exist where it ceases way beyond something we can call perfection. People who cheat, don’t know the definition of love. Love is abused in their eyes. Having their poisonous soul around you will only lead you to doubt yourself.

If you are an old soul like me, continue to love and believe in love. The cheater only cheated because you made them feel threatened. Your soul is one of a kind. You are strong, they aren’t. You are a bright light, and people like them don’t deserve third chances. Let alone a second. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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