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5 Reasons Why You Should Share Your Gift With The World

You have talent. You have motivation. Your life is abundant with elements of mindfulness and presence, and everything in your world is okay. You are accountable, and you have a deep knowledge of how you need to be accountable to yourself first to make things happen. There are so many people around you who would love to be in your shoes. They are wondering if they should set up the business they have been dreaming of, create the website, do the podcast, record the song, or write the book. They feel alone with their ideas and lack of resources, not sure if they would get through even the smallest obstacles. You know you can be creative, comprehensive, and convincing, but something is holding you back from sharing your shortcuts and helping people. You may have already reached all your personal goals and make enough money, so why make changes to your schedule, break the cycle, and burden yourself with more work?

1. You are the answer to someone’s prayers

Art is good for the soul, and it feels very human to experience it. We buy art because it inspires us to look at the world differently. We find special places for treasured art and sentimental pieces to make us feel something. Art is a gift that helps us by feeding our creative and curious nature. In a similar way art impacts us, you can help others to feel and view the world in a different way. Most of us have experiences and skills that may seem insignificant to us but are useful for others. One of the most important assets you have been given is the mental strength to resist hardship—courage. People who lack courage lack knowledge. You can share knowledge, hope, and encouragement. Your audience might just need a simple platform to be able to do what they love. When we all do what we love, the rest will come easily, and we create abundance around us. You can be the biggest blessing someone has been looking for by sharing your gift.

2. Your death will inspire more than your life will

While reading an obituary from a local newspaper, it occurs to you that an obituary is more than just to inform about a person’s death; it’s a meaningful summary of a person’s life and legacy. Now, practice writing your obituary as a true account. The reason for this exercise is simple: to give perspective to make changes accordingly and remember that we all are every bit as deserving of our wildest dreams. The obituaries, news about well-known people passing, or your struggles with health issues may trigger and inspire you, giving you a higher sense of purpose. These are wake up calls to spring you to action to explore the interconnections of everything. As you explore matters of life and death, it may occur to you that it’s never too late to change someone else’s life. If you see someone’s potential, you can inspire them to live a life of adventure and follow their ultimate dreams.

3. You show up authentically

If you have a solid understanding and you are fully aligned with your purpose and drawn to your goals like bees to pretty flowers, sharing it all not only you give others shortcuts through your knowledge, but you are guaranteed to have followers and create your tribe. Bees fly to flowers because they are naturally drawn to them, and when you share your gift, the ones who can benefit from it will naturally come to you.

There are countless motivational speakers, artists, and financial advisors who have sprung to action with thousands of followers. Not all of them are what they seem; a ‘bitcoin millionaire’ might be doing his podcast from his mother’s basement with no real assets, a ‘number one iTunes chart’ singer may have no authentic fan base but is being financially sponsored by family, and a travel blogger might be living in the low-cost hostel but taking her perfect, glamorous Instagram photos in a luxury resort. They don’t live their life in truth and are much rather loved in lies. They want to seem successful, but they are dealing with a different ego and coming from a different place—fear. You protect your ego if you come from the opposite place—love and faith. Sharing authenticity is much more productive. You will have better genuine relationships and end up with real connections, leading to a successful, long-lasting path.

4. Your gift is more valuable than money

When you share your gift, you are giving people a shortcut to something they would otherwise spend all their time, attention, and energy on. There are no losses when you turn everything into a lesson for others; you can always make up the lost money. But without you, they might spend their time in the completely wrong crowd, giving their best energy to the wrong people and attention to the wrong things.

Someone you are helping might only be one step, one opportunity away from a big break. Imagine being that one last piece in the puzzle for someone to be able to succeed in their chosen field; that itself is more valuable than money.

5. You stayed the course

Every time you’ve had success, you have stayed your course. You haven’t let your doubts derail you; fear of a potential let down hasn’t affected you. You have shown up like you already have achieved your heart desires. Sharing this knowledge and your story with others will help them to stay the course too. Make your mission about others, not about you, and it will be a breakthrough for everyone. You might remember times when you hoped for someone beside you supporting and giving advice. You might have agonized over not having a shortcut, but you didn’t get caught up in negativity. Instead, you powered through by setting the intention, focusing on the outcome, and letting it happen. Now be the person who lifts others, inspires, and adds joy to life. Imagine all this being your legacy.

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