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Here’s Why ‘Never Give Up’ Is Actually A Scam

If there’s one thing that every human has been conditioned to believe, it’s the idea of never giving up. Strive for the job you deserve and don’t give up. Don’t leave a hobby halfway, be your absolute best at it and don’t give up. Chase the girl of your dreams until she says yes and don’t give up. Who amongst us hasn’t heard at least one of these during the course of our lives?

What we fail to understand is that this phrase is actually a scam that’s been making rounds since God knows when. Sometimes it’s okay to give up and leave things, jobs, hobbies, and people behind; sometimes what once made us happy doesn’t anymore; and sometimes, not giving up on a person could mean harassing them.

So, hear me out. It’s okay. It’s perfectly okay to give up on whatever or whoever isn’t helping your personal growth. Quit the job that’s making you hate what you once enjoyed thoroughly. Leave the book that you thought was interesting (but isn’t really) halfway read. Stop gardening if all you’re doing is getting more plants and letting them die. Most importantly, cut loose the person who isn’t invested in you as much as you are into them.

If it’s not making you happy, it’s okay to stop trying. It’s okay to leave it then and there. You owe it to yourself. Giving up is no walk in the park. For some, it can be as hard as following through with something, but at times, the feeling that comes after is entirely different. The trick is to know the why behind it. This is just another form of self-love. Think about what makes you happy and stick with that and ONLY that. Because things that do make you happy will never require the push of a “never give up.”

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