10 Signs You’re Dating A Classic Douche

Shutterstock / Axel Alvarez
Shutterstock / Axel Alvarez

No matter how clever you think you are, it’s easy to fall for the guy you’re currently dating. That euphoria you get when you’re seeing this hot guy for the first time makes you feel tingly all over. We’ve all been there.

But a lot of women miss the not-so-subtle signs they need to watch out for. Now, it’s my job as a caring BFF to help you find out if the guy you’re dating is a bona fide douchebag. I’ve listed 10 of the top red flags you should avoid at all costs.

1. He makes you pay for dinner.

If this happens more than once, he’s just too cheap to pick up the tab. A grown-ass man should be confident enough to take the receipt and tell you, ”It’s cool. I got this.” It’s fine if you want to foot the bill once in a while, but never let any guy take advantage of your generosity.

2. He’s too proud to apologize even when he’s wrong.

This is a clear sign that he has plenty of hangups. You’ll only subject yourself to further drama should you choose to pursue a relationship with him. It won’t make him any less of a man to admit his mistake and apologize, but he doesn’t.

3. He seeks the approval of others.

Is he always self-conscious when it comes to his male friends? If so, he might be the type of guy who just has to impress his friends all the time. Insecure men would always go after the trophy girlfriend or buy a sick-looking car. He does this because he wants his buddies to always look up to him.

4. He likes to gossip.

During your conversations with him over dinner, he talks about his co-workers, his boss or, ugh, his exes. He’s an expert at revealing other people’s faults and enjoys a good laugh at their expense. Just imagine what he says about you when you’re not around.

5. He gets rattled easily.

He isn’t good at thinking on his feet, especially when he faces a sudden change in plans. See him get his boxers in a bunch at the slightest hint of adversity. Avoid a man who doesn’t have his stuff together.

6. He makes rash decisions.

He takes action without considering others or passes judgment without any thought. His knee-jerk reactions usually end up in disaster.

7. He likes to blame others.

He never runs out of excuses and hates taking responsibility for his actions. He’ll pass the buck to anyone just to make himself less guilty.

8. He’s dishonest.

He’s always looking at his mobile or messaging someone while you’re out on dates. He says it’s just his mom or sister checking up on him. He’ll lie through his teeth and weasel his way out of a bad situation.

9. He’ll do anything to get his way.

It doesn’t matter what he does, as long as he gets what he’s after. He’ll lie, cheat or steal just to gain an unfair advantage or favor.

10. He’s a bully.

He likes to pick fights with people who he thinks are weaker than he is. He does this to display his masculinity. But the truth is he’s trying hard to conceal his insecurities and shortcomings.

What you can take from this…

A real man doesn’t care about his image. He’s confident but not cocky. He always considers the well-being of his family, friends, and loved ones. So, if you see most of these red flags in the guy you’re dating, dump him right away. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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