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Most Of All, I Hope You Find Love

Most of all, I hope you find love.

I hope you find someone who kisses the salt off your skin and the tears from your eyes and the scars on your knees and the bruise on your heart.

I hope you find someone who quietly adores the way you talk to the cashier or the waitress or the old lady in the supermarket. Someone who smiles at the way you fix yourself in the mirror before you go out, knowing there’s nothing to fix.

Someone who holds your hand tightly when you’re shaking with fear.

Someone who stands firmly in front of you when you doubt yourself, holding your face in their hands, locking their eyes into yours while saying, “You know who you are.”

I hope you find someone who teaches you things and who wants to be taught by you. Someone who gently pushes you to grow in your own terms without trying to change you. I hope you find someone to look up to and who looks up to you, because that’s where you meet.

Someone who believes in you when you don’t, someone who knows you will succeed before you do.

Someone who loves you in the ordinary and the exceptional, through the highs and lows of a life that will break you both an infinite number of times.

Someone who holds you softly when you fall apart. Someone who sits with you when you put yourself back together.

Someone who reads your words and your silence alike.

Someone who knows you can walk alone but chooses to walk with you for as long as you both enjoy each other’s company. Someone who stays with you when you feel lost, knowing you will find a way on your own.

I hope you find someone who knows you won’t take away their freedom, and they won’t take yours. Someone who wants to show you their universe without giving it up for you.

Someone you don’t need but want in your life. Someone who doesn’t need but wants you in theirs.

I hope you find someone who shows you patience, and kindness, and grace.

Someone who traces your body like a map and treasures every curve, every valley, everything soft and everything hard about you. Someone who knows when to love you gently and when to be rough.

I hope you find someone to talk to for hours when there is nothing to talk about, someone to sit in silence with when there is nothing to say.

Someone who doesn’t back off when life throws you a curveball, when things don’t go to plan, when the world is heavy.

Someone who doesn’t judge your past or question your future. Someone who knows you’re not a bad person for doing bad things, for being selfish, for fucking up, for being human, because they are, too.

I hope you find someone who loves you for who you are, not for who you could be.

Someone who loves you in your brightest moments and in your darkest hours and in all of your messiness and fragility and complexity and wildness and beauty.

Someone who doesn’t hesitate to choose you over and over again.

Someone who reminds you to breathe when you forget to.

Someone who makes it work when life gets in the way.

Someone who sees you and everything that you are.

Someone who wants to be part of your forever.

Someone who is not just another lesson.

Someone who is ready.

Someone who stays.

I hope you find someone like that, but most of all, I hope you become this person for yourself, too.


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