What It’s Like To Be A Hopeless Romantic

Being a hopeless romantic is not about crying at every rom-com you watch. Well, usually, it is. But it’s always more than that. Being a hopeless romantic is helplessly falling over and over and over again with the idea of love. And that, believe me, is no joke.

Hopeless romantics have only two moods: Madly liking someone or mad and heartbroken. One second, they are head over heels for some person they just met; the next second, they’re already too hurt with jealousy because they saw the person with someone else. And then at that moment they’ll swear off love forever, only to be falling in love again the next day! It’s a ruthless cycle, but deep inside they have learned to love it.

It’s not like they don’t take love seriously, because they totally do, it’s just that they are really, really excited to have one for themselves. They think they’ve had enough lessons from all the books they’ve read and movies they’ve watched, and now it’s time for them to try it firsthand! They want love to happen to them, too, in the most romantic way, and they want it to happen now.

Hopeless romantics are very imaginative people. Even before they become friends with the people they are crushing on, they’ve already created their love story – from the first date until the day they get married. They give attributes to the person and always believe that they will be the perfect match. Which is why hopeless romantics easily get hurt. They get disappointed when they find out that their dream cannot possibly be realized. They get sad when, once again, they can’t get the love they crave.

But here’s one amazing thing about hopeless romantics: They’re helplessly optimistic. They may be uber sensitive and susceptible to getting their heart broken, but they are always looking at the positive side.

Come to think of it, hopeless romantics aren’t really hopeless. On the contrary, they are the most hopeful people you’ll ever meet. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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