20 Nonsexual Things That Your Partner Can Do That Are Hotter Than Sex

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Nonsexual? Hotter than sex? When I first sat down to do this list, I just knew I wouldn’t get through the top 10. I was pleasantly surprised to find that there are many nonsexual things my lover can do that makes me want to drop my panties to floor and point my high heels to the ceiling.

1. Smell amazing. OMFG! Cologne, aftershave, body oils, etc. All that smell good stuff makes me want to get closer and closer to my man until he is the only thing that I breathe in.

2. Tip and treat the waiter well. If we’re out to eat and my man treats the waiter with respect and tips them more than the customary fifteen percent, I’m ready to get it popping. It shows me that he understands that everyone needs to make a living and should be treated with respect while doing so.

3. Pray. He’s sexy, respectful, and close to the man above? Yep. He can get it.

4. Cook. There is just something about a man in the kitchen.

5. Spend time with children. There’s something about seeing a man spending time with children.

6. Have a five year plan. Plans will make me dance.

7. Manners and chivalry. It’s more than just please, thank you, and you’re welcome. Holding open doors, pulling out chairs, and walking on the outside of the sidewalk are all examples of what most women want a man to do.

8. Reading. A well read man is a major turn on.

9. Having goals and demolishing them. Watching your man have a plan, work the plan, and successfully complete the plan is one of the most beautiful things you can witness.

10. Being well dressed. Women love to see their man put together. Suits are to women what lingerie is to men.

11. Gray sweatpants. No explanation needed.

12. Provide. A good provider satisfies a primal need in every woman. I don’t care how independent she may be.

13. Honesty. You want to know what turns every woman on? The knowledge that her man is always honest with her.

14. Confidence. Watching you walk around super self-assured…Jesus take the wheel!

15. Being handy. I have yet to meet a woman that wasn’t slightly excited by watching her man fix something around the house.

16. Singing. OMG! Music calls to you on a spiritual level. A man singing has the ability to make most women fall in love with him. Just ask any R&B singer.

17. Speaking a foreign language. Talk that shit to me, baby!

18. A good sense of humor. Is there anything sexier than a man that can make you laugh?

19. Being a feminist. A man who believes that women should be treated and paid equally as men. A man that works for the destruction of the patriarchy. A man who calls out misogynistic behaviors and sexism. That is the man I want to marry.

20. Loyalty, loyalty, loyalty. I’m not even sure how to explain this one. Many will tell you that they are loyal but few will show it. The man who shows his loyalty to his woman for the world to see is irresistible and a king among peasants. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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