6 Reasons The Solo Female Traveler Is The Perfect Employee

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Twenty20 / roid65307

Entering the workplace is like buying that one-way ticket. It’s terrifying, electrifying, and life changing. It takes a high level of strength which the solo female traveler already knows she has. She is independent, and has developed the skills necessary to succeed in the business world through real, connected interactions and experiences.

She has the spirit of a wandering warrior and the tenacity to take on the world. Here are six reasons to hire her:

1. She radiates positivity

Her smile is contagious because it comes from within. She loves life and carries it with her in every interaction–whether it is with potential clients, colleagues, or absolutely anyone else she encounters. She’s had a chance to create her own happiness, and knows that it is hers alone to cultivate. She will enhance company culture because she’s real and flawed, and realizes her imperfections.

2. She’s courageous

The woman who travels alone is a fighter. She understands what it’s like to tackle the world alone as a woman. She has thrown herself into less-than-safe situations, and is independent enough to realize her innate ability to make it through anything.

She’s seen the sunset from the other side of the world and has stepped foot on foreign sands with foreign souls. This makes her different–makes her relatable to anyone or anything thrown at her.

3. She doesn’t think outside the box; she jumps into it

She’s a risk taker and creative thinker. She has learned to think differently–to not only think outside the box, but in and around it. She’ll flip that box upside down and shake it out to find a new way of doing things.

The prospect of new adventure and ideas excites her, and she isn’t afraid to accept the consequences of a leap of faith in the right direction.

4. She’s a negotiator who knows how to get what she wants or needs

She learned negotiation 101 in the alleyways of winding markets, the hole-in-the-wall travel agencies, and the bus stations around the world. She realizes the strength involved in successful negotiation, and also the delicate balance between pushing too hard or not enough.

5. She’s multi-dimensional and can network like it is nobody’s business

She’s multi-faceted, and probably has a million skills you don’t even know about…Job titles such as Balinese monkey wrangler, Peruvian motorbike mechanic, Turkish-coffee maker, and international heart-mender and breaker, etc. She can walk into a room of strangers with her head held high, excited to listen and learn from their stories and diverse foundations of knowledge.

6. She’s a problem solver who will always find a way

Nothing phases her anymore. She has seen wild, uprooted societies, and has been confronted with life-threatening situations. And a woman who has experienced these things can deal with daily uncertainty. Uncertainty, business, life, they all go hand in hand. She deals with problems like they are part of the plan. That business proposal presentation at the board meeting that accidentally got deleted is nothing compared to the sweating sensation of being stuck at the Cambodian border.

She believes in people, and the notion that the business world is filled with a little more magic than one may tend to think. Imagination, hard work, and kindness permeate everything she tackles.

She realizes that the path to business success isn’t paved, but instead closely resembles the harrowing, winding, and unexpected paths of the foreign lands in which she thrives. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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