5 Children’s Poems That Are Applicable To Adults


I can safely bet that most of us would enjoy being children again. It was a time when ignorance and innocence were blissful, and exercise was disguised as playtime outside with the neighborhood kids. It’s only when I reflect on simple lessons, such as the “golden rule,” that I realize the importance of the building blocks taught to us when our brains were as malleable as pizza dough. It’s the ideas that were placed in our unpretentious, young minds that still guide most of us – perhaps unconsciously – to behave like adults but hopefully remain young at heart.

Below are 5 poems I recently penned. Their intended audience is children. Yet, as I was writing, I realized that they are much broader than I had first intended.

1. The O’clock Blues

I waited and waited and waited

And ran and ran and ran

So I’m glad that clocks don’t have feet

Because they move fast enough on their hands

2. On Being Lost

“Oh, no!” I said

As I started to tread

“It seems as if we’ve been marooned!”

“It’s worse!” She replied

With water creeping to her eyes

“We’ve been auburn-ed, crimson-ed, and magenta-ed, too!”

3. In a Funk

In a funk

Eating peanut butter chunks

Feeling as if everything

Has already been thunk

4, The Trot

“Look forward,”

They say

“Don’t turn to the past.”

“Time is an athlete

Whose seasons won’t last.”

“Look forward,”

They say

“Keep fresh, not the old.”

“Time is a palace

Now lost in the mold.”

But if you look forward

Be sure to look down

Be sure to look up

And all around town

And although the past

May not be so pleasant

It may help you wrap

A much better present

5. I Do?

I bought an engagement ring

Without ever asking a size.

I just pulled the number from memory

So my love would be surprised

And when I popped the question

The ring – it was too lean

So I used that size from memory

And I bought my love engagement jeans Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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