We Can’t Control Who We Miss

Missing someone is easy because it’s the part we have no control over. It naturally happens when we genuinely love and have a connection with a person. When we have a long history with that person, it’s even more likely for this to happen. We start to think of everything outside of what our reality is right now because we want to escape what we feel when we start to miss them.

Memories can be attached to so many things in our lives. We have no control over the memories that decide to resurface for a split second, which leads to us missing that person. We constantly remind ourselves to not miss them, to avoid anything that will trigger that aching feeling. Unfortunately, that feeling is inevitable when memories start to play back in our head.

We start to think of different scenarios, of how things could be different. What if we did something differently? Would everything change? The problem with “what if” is that we’ll never really get the answers we’re looking for because we can’t force or control the actions of others. We have no way to know how a person really feels or why they’re doing the things they do. All we can do is believe in what actions we see.

We must believe there’s a reason why things happen and why some things aren’t happening. Think about it as if the universe is doing this for us, not to us. The more we focus on ourselves and our personal growth, the more we make room for better things to happen.

Maybe this person is someone we’ll meet again one day or this was someone meant to change us to become a better version of ourselves we probably didn’t know existed. The only way is to move forward and believe that once we’re on our right path, everything and everyone meant to be in our life will naturally fall into place.

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