How To Eat A Tostada


1. Order a tostada by accident.

Head to generic Mexican restaurant. Peruse menu and find combination plates. Order combination plate with two items you actually want, like a hardshell taco and an enchilada, with a tostada tacked on at the end.

2. Eat other food first.

Enjoy taco with your hands. Note its conveniently shaped shell, ideal for hand-holding. Enjoy enchilada with fork and knife. Note how filling stays in tortilla for simple consumption.

3. Examine tostada.

Joke to your companions, “How am I supposed to eat this thing? Haha. Secretly hope for guidance or tips.

4. Attempt to eat tostada with hands.

Exclaim, “Ah, screw it!” with a smile on your face and fear in your heart. Awkwardly bite into hard, circular corn tortilla platform. Watch tortilla instantly crack. Panic as structural integrity of tostada is compromised.

5. Wipe beans off your lap.

There are probably beans in your lap.

6. Attempt to eat tostada with fork and knife.

Frantically saw at tortilla until it cracks further. Stab at tortilla with fork. Realize fork can not properly pierce tostada base.

7. Order more margaritas.

Push tostada off to side while table is distracted by large, salty-sweet drinks.

8. Do not eat tostada. Leave restaurant.

Make promise to self to try a tamale next time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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