Nothing Is Ever Too Hard For You To Overcome

Dustin Scarpitti
Dustin Scarpitti

I know sometimes you feel like a stranger to who you were. And you’re not sure if that’s a good thing. I know sometimes the rhythm of life hits a low note. And you don’t know if it’ll ever pass on. I know sometimes you want to escape yourself. I know the world can taste bitter. It can be mean. I know sometimes it feels like the road is just too long, the ladder is just too high, the water is just too deep.

I also know that all roads end, all ladders cut off and there is a bottom to every ocean. I know that every day the world kisses you goodnight with a sunset. I know that sea otters hold each other’s paws while sleeping. I know the power a baby’s laugh, or a pogo stick, or a cup of coffee, or a flower growing between sidewalk cracks. And I know that you’re braver than you believe.

You’re going to get through.

You are strong. I know you’ve been locked out and written off and shut down. I know you understand struggle, understand loss, understand what it is like to feel defeated. I also know you’re a fighter. Walk bravely through life because you’ve been weak. Help others because you’ve been helpless. Spread hope because you’ve felt loss.

You are going to get through.

Don’t coast. Don’t drift along. Don’t look for joy in the place you lost it. Don’t become numb. Find ways to forgive yourself. Remember that the same eyes that water pain, glisten hope. The same teeth that clench with fear, smile with joy. And the same heart that cuts others out can just as easily let the world in. I know you are going to get through.

You are going to get through.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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