7 Tough Truths We Should Learn To Accept About Life In Our Early 20s

www.istock.com / EYEemCLOSED
www.istock.com / EYEemCLOSED

1. Accept that you can’t control people.
You can’t make them stay. You can’t always make them leave. You can’t make people remain loyal. You can’t make them like you. And you definitely can’t make them love you.

2. Accept that you can walk away.
You’re the only one who can change your circumstances. If you don’t like the outfit you’re wearing, don’t wear it. If you’re not having fun at a party, go home. If you hate your job, find another. If you’re in a bad relationship, leave. Give yourself permission to walk away.

3. Accept that no one is completely perfect and everyone is slightly crazy.
No relationship in your life will be flawless. Stop blaming your parents for not raising you perfectly. Stop blaming your lovers for not understanding everything that frustrates you. Instead, surround yourself with imperfect crazy people who make you happy.

4. Accept that nothing is permanent.
Perfect summer evenings turn to bitter winter nights. People move. Relationships evolve. Sometimes you are ready for these changes other times you want to hold on with all of your might. That person you thought you knew changed. That late night convo on a rooftop in Brooklyn is nothing but a faded memory. Accept that that beautiful sunset will soon disappear. Accept that our time on this earth is limited. All you can really do is cherish the good days and know that the rough days will soon pass by.

5. Accept that your journey may not be about getting everything you want.
It may mean learning to live without ever having your dream job. It may mean never being married or having kids or graduating college or making a million dollars. It may mean accepting that the unexpected detours are part of what makes life worth living. Push aside ideas about who you think you should become so you can make room for the person you really are.

6. Accept that you won’t have an answer for everything this world throws at you.
Why do you still care about the person who hurt you most you? Why do awful things happen to amazing people? Some things are not simple. Life is messy and unfair. Accept that each moment that comes into your life is a gift. Accept that sometimes all you can do is you not worry, not obsess, breathe and simply have faith it all is part of a larger plan.

7. Most importantly, learn to accept yourself.
Accept all your thoughts. Accept your body. Accept your shortcomings, your failures, your lessons-learned and your scars. Live unapologetically. Live boldly. Live freely. Don’t let others define your self-worth. You are beautiful. You are brave. And if you are still breathing, you still have time to create the life you want to live. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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