what chrissy teigen, john legend, kanye west and kim kardashian were thinking while dining at a waffle house


chrissy: “is this photo going to be as viral as my golden globes cry face?”

“i’m starving”

“i really want this photo to go viral”

john: “my wife is so beautiful. even when she cries”

“cause all of me, loves all of you”

“do people know how big i am on twitter?”

kanye: “not smiling makes me smile”

kim: “i’m mass media culture in human form. i wonder if people get that?”

“i mean, just cause i was nude on the cover of paper mag doesn’t mean i’m a bad mother or i’m not a feminist. in fact, i feel empowered as a mother and feminist and i’m not afraid to embrace my sexuality even though society judges me harshly simply because i’m a female expressing herself. i’m not going to apologize for being multifaceted just because i’m a woman and people want me to present myself in a certain way”

“not smiling makes my husband smile” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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