Chris Brown Is The Worst Human Being To Ever Live

Worse than the spokesperson for the Westboro Baptist Church

Shirley Phelps-Roper is the spokesperson for the Westboro Baptist Church. Members of the Westboro Baptist Church picket funerals, condemn homosexual activity, and don’t really like Jewish people either. They’re basically a hate group disguised as a church and Shirley Phelps-Roper speaks for them. Chris Brown didn’t give Frank Ocean a standing ovation when he won a Grammy which is just as bad, if not worse than picketing a funeral.

Worse than the evil president of Zimbabwe

Robert Mugabe is the President of Zimbabwe. He enjoys being compared to Hitler. He’s racist against Zimbabwe’s white minority. He controls Zimbabwe’s Media with an iron fist. He is a tyrant. Chris Brown is condemned by TMZ whenever they get the chance. Robert Mugabe is not condemned by TMZ that much. Chris Brown is obviously worse than Robert Mugabe.

Worse than Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh uses his radio show to discuss important issues like opposing feminism and calling birth control advocate, Sandra Fluke, a slut. Chris Brown dressed up as a terrorist for Halloween which seems worse.

Worse than wife-beater Terrence Howard

Terrence Howard physically assaulted his ex wife on more than one occasion, but he’s not as famous as Chris Brown so none of what he did really counts.

Worse than you

You are better than Chris Brown. You are perfect in every way. No one ever judges you. You don’t have to learn from your mistakes because you’ve never made any. Congratulations. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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