A Recipe For How To Master Your Emotions

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Do you ever question yourself? Do you find it hard to adjust to change? Do you feel like life is a never-ending struggle?

I used to feel that way about everything in my life. But I found out it doesn’t have to be hard to live a good life. I just had to find the right adjustments and it made me look at things differently. When you find yourself in a dark hole where you can’t see a way out, go through this list and see if it can help you adjust your emotions.

Let go of perfect.

Let go of all the expectations you have on life and stop thinking of what could be. Let go of the past. Let go of the future. Let yourself off the hook, damn it!

Whenever you feel your mind racing towards the doubts and negative thoughts try to slow down and take time to take care of your soul. Sometimes it is okay to just be you whether you are happy, mad, crazy or sad. It is okay to just be a simple person and not so much a production of education, money, wealth and status.

Realising that you are an important somebody right now can be immensely liberating and releases a lot of energy for more joy in your life. Stop trying to get to the next stage, you are already where you should be here and now.

Find an anchor.

Go through all your emotions, cry and be angry if you must. Let yourself free, get all the ugly out and set a date for the healing process to get to the next stage.

After you have done all that ugly crying on the shower floor. Get dry, get dressed and find something or someone to hold on to that keeps you motivated. This might be a sweet memory of the past, a fun plan for the future or a certain person in your life. It can also help holding on to a special song, a book or a movie that keeps you feeling hopeful. Find that something that makes you believe in a better tomorrow. And hold on to it when the going gets tough.

Be grateful! 

There are so many things to be thankful for. You can read, react, speak, understand and hopefully, you can walk. Be amazed and fall in love with yourself. Love everything about yourself. You are human. You are wonderful. The way the body works is amazing. Your whole being is a magnificent mechanism that is more complex than any other species. If you feel like you can’t be thankful for anything, be thankful for your brain, your fingers, the way your body heals itself. How everything functions in your body while you are only breathing is mind-blowing if you think about it.

Why stop there? Be thankful for how this world functions. One thing that really amazes me is our transportation systems, my favorite one is the subways. I always get amazed by how it works; I mean come on people there is a whole other world down there. Think about it for a second or two and be thankful for all the brilliant minds that lived before us and created all these incredible constructions.

Write down your dreams.

Journaling is a great way to cleanse your thoughts and reset the mind from all the clutter. Keep a notebook and a pen next to you at all times. Write down your thoughts, dreams and prayers.

Writing makes the thoughts clearer and it is a way to release into the universe the things you are wishing for. The key is to be able to let go of the dream and trust the process. Sometimes you might have to accept that it is not going to be exactly like you planned it to be and that it can work out pretty fine anyway.

Flip the script. 

Everything you need is inside you. There is not a special circumstance or certain state that you have to get to before you can be happy or in order for you to find happiness. Learning how to master your emotions might be the hardest thing you can do. But when you really learn how to do this, you can flip around any situation.

If you can’t change the life you have today, change how you look at your life instead. Find the positive story. Yes, it is that easy. Just try it. Trust me.

So lets recap;

Let go. Be present.

Anchor down.

Keep an attitude of gratitude.

Dream big.

Change your perspective.

And repeat when needed. TC mark

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