I’m Never Going To Be Wife Material

Jakob Owens
Jakob Owens

The sea tried to behold its calm but the storm inside her was growing…

She continued to spearhead a revolution, that she knew little would lead her into a beautiful mess…a mess of her dreams, hopes and aspirations.

I was never the girl you would take home to meet your family.I was never the girl you would want to marry. I was always the imperfect one. I was always flawed.

Still you did place your heart upon me and I placed my life in your hands.

Then what happened that all my flaws and incongruities came between us and you started searching for the perfect wife material which I was never meant to be.

Juggling between managing a house and a job, I may have made a number of mistakes.

I may have not been able to keep up to you but that was only because I had thought that love was enough to keep us going, I never realized that everything comes with a cost — even love.

This got me thinking that will I never be able to find the one, who would mollycoddle my madness, celebrate my bizarreness, parent my anger, cater to my whims, take pride in my unconventionality and still love me unconditionally.

Would I have to adorn the fake robe of being the perfect wife for somebody or be fiercely the non-conformist and let life find a way for me? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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