This Is What It Means To Be A FeMENist

I’m a sucker for a guy who is chivalrous and gentlemanly.

He wants to buy me dinner and hold the door open for me. He wants to call me beautiful and show me off to all of his friends. He wants to listen to me talk about the things that I’m passionate about. He wants to engage with me about politics and religion and philosophy and life. He’s not surface leveled; he digs deep into the inner workings of my soul.

But you know what really gets me fired up? A guy that is a proud feminist.

Because a feMENist, to me, is the guy that knows that I’m independent and can take care of myself, but still wants to ‘woo’ me. He’s the guy that appreciates my brain and respects my body and wants me for who I am and what I represent, and not to be this trophy that he can simply show off.

He’s the guy that doesn’t expect me to cater to his needs or be at his beck and call. He’s the guy that’s cheering me on while I grow and conquer and achieve. He’s the guy that won’t be intimidated by my strength but rather in awe of it. He’s the guy that will want me to be who I am but will also help me become a better version of myself.

A guy like that will make me want to be caring and loving and sensitive and kind. I won’t be acting a certain way because I’m meant to based on gender roles, but because I want to. I will feel secure enough in ‘us’ to do that. I will want to be his cheerleader. I will want to make him happy. I will want to help him grow and conquer and achieve.

Because, feminism means equality. So, if I’m expecting all of that from him, he sure as hell should be expecting all of that from me. We’re gonna be a team. And I truly am a sucker for a guy who gets that. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

À bientôt.

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