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Dear God—I Hope You’re Saving Me For Someone Special

I used to know who I was in and what I wanted from the world. But on this journey of self-discovery, I realized how lost I was. Lost because I left You, Lord.

I stopped talking to You and listening to You. I stopped missing You and sometimes even loving You. I blamed You for all my sorrows and despair. And I yelled at You for leaving me, although You never have – not even for a second.

But now I know better, Lord. I’m trying to rediscover who I am in Your arms. Because the me that is a reflection of You, is my best me. And as I get closer to You, I learn more about how special and powerful love can be.

You love me on my good days, but You love me harder on my bad days. You listen to me when I’m loud, but even more so when I’m quiet. You help me when I ask, but You never forget me when I don’t.

You know me inside out, and You love me at my core. I didn’t do anything to deserve this love, but You love me anyway. Even on days when I don’t love You back. Even on days when I don’t deserve it.

Lord, it is through Your love that I have learned what true love is. I may not be perfect, but Your love is. So I know you’re saving me for someone really special.

Someone that can make me feel closer to You. Someone I can share my thoughts, passions, and fears with. Someone I can challenge and who will challenge me. Someone who is asking these things of You.

Lord, I know I make a habit of rushing You, and I know I might not be ready. But I hope You accept this prayer.

Until then, I will try to trust Your timeline. Until then, I will try to hear You when You say ‘wait’. TC mark

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