This Is About Letting Go

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This is about what used to be, what could’ve been, and what almost was. But not the kind with longing attached to it. This is about removing the chains that have been binding you for so long and finally setting yourself free. This is about healing the scars that have been burning and stinging you and preparing instead for all the amazing things to come.

Because what’s to come is more happiness and love than you could ever imagine—a world of beauty and laughter and fairytales that can come true. I know it doesn’t sound real, but this world is out there. Wipe off your teary eyes; maybe you’ll see it.

Notice all the love that already surrounds you, stop chasing after the one love that left.

You deserve better. You deserve more.

You deserve someone who won’t keep you guessing and wondering and hoping and anxious and scared. Someone who won’t play games and says exactly what they mean and knows who and what they want. Someone good and true. Someone perfect for you.

But until you find them, enjoy your freedom. Go on adventures, achieve your goals, and focus on becoming your best self. Dance, dream, and chase the moon. Don’t waste your time, your wishes, and your thoughts on an old memory; make new ones.

Rewrite your unhappy ending by opening yourself up to a new beginning. You might think you’re not ready, but you are. You’re stronger than you think. A caterpillar that just escaped darkness. You’ve only known what it was like to crawl, but now you’re going to learn what it means to fly.

This is about letting go of what used to be, what could’ve been, and what almost was. I know it isn’t easy, but I promise you it will be worth it. TC mark

À bientôt.

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