Dear God, Please Look After My Loved Ones

A woman sitting with her chin on her hands
Ben White / Unsplash

Dear God,

This is Your daily reminder to look after me and my loved ones.

For those who are bruised, heal them. Enter into their souls and cleanse it. Wipe away every last one of their tears. Carry their burdens off their shoulders. Clear their path so they can find their way back.

For those who are hopeless, give them a reason to believe. If their journey calls for a period of defeat, help them find enough strength to finish the fight. Like they gave me enough strength to finish mine.

For those who are unhappy, help me find it in me to bring them joy. If that isn’t my role, help me restore what once did. Lord, if it helps, take from me and give to them. I don’t want to see a single wrinkle of sadness on any of their faces or in any of their hearts. Allow me to turn off their rain and color their skies.

For those who are being tested, guide them through this trial. If they are meant to fall, teach them a lesson. But if they are meant to fly, send them Your wings.

For those who don’t think they’re enough, pour into their cup. Hush that evil voice in their head. Remind them that they are not their insecurities. Remind them that they are not their failures. Remind them that they are not their fears.

For those who have lost their way, guide them back. Shine Your light on their souls and help them crawl out of their darkness. Protect them; they need You most.

Lord, You said: “Come to me, all you who are weary and heavy burdened, and I will give you rest,” (Matthew 11:28). I hope it counts that I’m coming to You on their behalf; once upon a time, they came to You on mine.

As for me, just continue to be my keeper and my friend, my savior and my shield, my healer and my teacher. Continue to protect me and my heart by listening when I don’t speak and saving when I don’t ask. Continue to be reason when I am cruel, my brain when I’m a fool, and my grace before I dream and say goodnight. TC mark

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