Taking You Back Was The Best Decision I Ever Made

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I am one to give endless chances, whether it be to a friend, family, or a partner. Some call that stupidity, I call it being true to myself. Choosing myself.

I’ve read articles about choosing yourself. And most of the time “choosing yourself” meant walking away from certain people. To me it is that and something else.

I’d walk away from certain people, yes, if walking away is what will make me happy. However, I am not one who’d think twice about letting people back in if that meant I may be happier.

Taking you back wasn’t easy at first. It took me a while to realize that we just couldn’t pick up where we left off. That I couldn’t take back what was said and done as things fell apart. That there are things that happened in between. That I cannot deny their existence and that all I can do is accept that they will always be in your past the same way you accepted what is in mine. All I can do moving forward is to trust that whatever happened to us before were intended to make our love stronger.

Taking you back means hearing you say I love you every time you get the chance. It means seeing you slowly change for me, and have you watch me change for you. It means hearing your heartbeat and be amazed at how it still races every time I lay on your chest, after all these years.

Taking you back is synonymous to using the word “us” again after a short while of being “you” and “I”. It means being the team that we are. It means always having your back and getting to stand by your side through all the hardships. It means quietly supporting you while you work towards your dreams yet loudly cheering for you along the way. It means being the first and last person to see your face each and every day.

Taking you back means gambling on my happiness while knowing the end result. It means making the hardest decision I could ever make and validating the fact that I did right.

Because the truth is, taking you back is the best decision I have ever made. That no matter how it did not make sense at the time, taking you back was the choice that made sense the most. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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