This Is The Chapter Where We Stay True To Our Promise To Not Let Our Story End

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At one point no one else believed in us. Not from my circle, not from yours. Maybe not even you. And maybe, even though I claimed to believe, a part of me was just faking it.

Sure, everyone wished us well. Everyone was still rooting for us. The last thing they wanted was to see us throw away everything that we had. But it came to a point where they felt it was very clear, there was nothing left. That the person I came back to was not the same person I walked out on. You have changed, and there was nothing I could do.

I heard it all. It hurt each time. But I welcomed each comment, every piece of advice. I listened to every word that was said, and I made it clear, nothing anyone says, could change my mind. Because even though I felt I was the only one believing, the only one fighting, I was sure, as long as I worked hard, we would climb our way out of that hell hole.

It didn’t take long before it hit me, I overestimated myself. It was a mission much more difficult to accomplish than I had expected. It was a task that drained all my energy every single day and put thousands of questions in my mind.

The regret that came with forgetting our promise — the promise that we made in front of God, was one that ate at me every day. The regret slowly killed me, and it swayed me more than I wanted to. Maybe this was my retribution. After all, it was me who forgot our promise first. Maybe they were right.

But with all that overthinking, there was something I failed to see. No matter how loud everyone’s message was, Someone else’s message was louder. God’s. He promised a hope and a future. He promised not to harm me. He promised He would fight for me. And our promise, the one that we forgot, He was a part of that promise too. He promised to protect our vows. And He did.

Slowly the questions were answered. Some of them, need not be answered anymore. Little by little, that light coming through the tiny hole became brighter. Or maybe the hole got bigger. And after all the pain and suffering, I can finally say, we made it through.

They say love is sweeter the second time around. I say this is not our second time. Our love has never ended, there was no pause and play. But I feel, this is the first time we are loving each other the right way. Maybe the lessons we learned from losing each other made us value us more. And for once in my life, I am really happy. Quiet. Content. Peaceful. Grateful.

In the back of my mind, there are still fears. I know the life ahead of us will not always be easy. But seeing how we handle our problems differently, I am confident we will get through every obstacle that blocks our way. After all, we’ve been through the worst.

Every time I hear people say, they’re really happy for us, when they say they’re glad we finally got it right, it gives me that sense of pride. We’ve proved everyone wrong. We proved ourselves wrong.

In a world full of doubt, there is something that’s certain. Our chapter has ended — that chapter of hurting each other — and a new chapter has begun. A chapter where we stay true to our promise: a promise to not let our story end.

In a world where nothing is guaranteed, there’s one that I know for sure. I love you and you love me. Forever. And that is all that matters. TC mark

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