I Found My Happy Place And I Am Never Leaving

Henry Be / Unsplash

Paradise. Blue skies. Infinite stretch of green land, adorned by bright-colored flowers. Calm waters. Snow-topped mountains. Birds humming. Children laughing. Bliss.

I think I’ve found paradise. But unlike that paradise, mine was different. Dark skies. Dry, barren land. Stagnant waters. This was my paradise when I chanced upon it.

Someone failed obviously. Someone took it for granted. Someone gave up on it. But I saw hope. Promise. Potential. And as if under some spell, with just the clothes on my back, I moved here.

I didn’t know what to do with it at first. Big plans. Brilliant ideas. And for a while there, they remained plans and ideas. I took a moment a bit too long. Breathed it all in. Cleared my mind.

And the more I looked at it, the more I recognized the familiarity. Dark. Sad. Empty. Just like my life. Have I failed? Have I taken it for granted? Gave up on it at some point?

Maybe. But it is not too late. If I take some time out of my busy life, do a little bit of work here and there, I am sure I can slowly turn this bottomless pit I now call home into my own little heaven on earth.

And so, with what little I had then, I started working on it. I gave it whatever I could, which was not too much, but it was my best. I didn’t realize how much hard work was required of me until I was in too deep. But I had to persevere, no matter how difficult, especially on days I didn’t even want to try.

The sun eventually shined. The skies cleared. The grass looks greener. I might have seen a bud or two at some point. Fruit of one’s labor. A reward for the hard work.

A work in progress. Not complete, but I got something. Not perfect, but content. A glimmer of hope. Something to look forward to. My heart started feeling that way. My life started to look up. A transformation unfolding.

I finally found my happy place, and I am never leaving. I know, my happy place will not always be happy. My paradise will not always be perfect. The waters will not always be calm, the skies will not always be clear.

The flowers may wither, the mountains may erode, the grass may dry up. But it’s okay. For I know in my eyes, this piece of land will always be the enough.

Because I choose to see it that way. TC mark


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