He Was Never Part Of The Plan, He Was Just Part Of The Process

Ryan Jacobson / Unsplash

He was the three dots at the end of the sentence. The in-between. He was like the human organ, appendix — his purpose was a big question.

He came into her life when she was at her lowest. She was going through changes in her life, he’s been through it. She was still picking up the pieces after a difficult breakup, while he, he has mastered the art of moving on and he had great advice.

He came at the right time, just when she needed someone the most. Someone who knew the pain she was going through. Someone who’d listen. And he was just that. He was accommodating, generous of his time. All that, despite the fact that they were in two different time zones. And I don’t mean a two-hour difference. I mean a night-and-day difference, literally.

It did not take long for her to realize he was changing her life. She started feeling better most days. She looked forward to the conversations. Because, without him knowing, he was making her feel things she’s never felt before. He kind of gave her a glimpse of what it was like when someone actually goes out of their way to make sure you’re okay. When someone finds time for you even when they’re busy working. When they worry about you when they know you’re not doing well. He made her see how she wanted to be treated for a change.

But at the same time, he gave her hope. Hope that she would be able to feel all the things she never thought she’d ever feel again. Hope that she would find someone who would give her what she wanted all along. And that hope, the hope that lifted her spirits high, started scaring her away.

Yes, there were others before him but she was just not there yet. She just couldn’t see the possibility of her with any of the others. Until him. He made her feel he could be the one. And though she wanted to admit it or not, she was falling in love with him — fast.

For a while there she questioned his role in her life. Why did he have to crush her heart while it was still recovering from the last heartbreak just by walking into her life? Why did he have to lift her up only to drag her down? Why did he have to add to the sadness she already felt prior to him entering her world? And so inasmuch as she valued his friendship, she had to walk away. She had to give that up to allow herself to heal from the double whammy.

And that, no matter the pain, was the best thing to do, and they both knew that. And nice as he was, he respected her decision. Because although he had been on his own longer than she was, he wasn’t ready for love just yet. Maybe he just did not want to break her heart.

It wasn’t until much later that she realized, his cameo appearance in her life was not at all to add to her agony. It was, after all, clear to her until everything else was blurred by her confused heart. He was there to make her feel better. To help her realize certain things. To listen, to empathize, to offer kindness. He was there to be a friend when she needed one.

And so then she knew, he was never meant to fall in love with her. He was never really destined to be “the one.” It was never going to work out between the two of them because he was never a part of the plan. He was just part of the process. TC mark


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