God Makes Me Worthy Every Single Day

A blonde woman in a field raising her hands to the sky.
Ben White / Unsplash

I don’t deserve You. I really don’t. I am not worthy.

I do not deserve Your grace. I am selfish and greedy, I care for worldly things. I take the blessings showered upon me for granted. I am never content and I neglect to appreciate what I have. Yet You continue to keep true Your promise of providence. I was never lacking the things and people I need. And if You had to take away someone or something, it was because I needed to lose them.

I do not deserve Your forgiveness. I sin all the time. I am resentful, I hold grudges, I am slow to forgive. Yet You forgive me even when I am not remorseful. You give me endless second chances. You accept my half-meant apologies and believe me when I say I will change for the better.

I do not deserve Your trust. I am weak, I constantly give in to temptation. I am quick to question, I doubt Your plans. I get really anxious about things unknown and I do not know how to surrender everything to You and trust Your plan. Yet you continue to trust that I will live a life that is pleasing to You. You trust that somehow I will find my way back.

I do not deserve Your love. I hate. I despise people. I sometimes forget to be kind. I envy. I’m jealous. I think ill of others and say those thoughts out loud at times. Yet no one else’s love can compare to Yours, a love that knows no boundaries. A love that is literally unconditional.

Don’t I remember You when I am in dire need of something but forget you when I have everything I want? Don’t I depend on my own strengths, thinking everything depends on me? Do I not fail You over and over yet question You when I feel You’ve failed me?

I do not deserve Your life: Your life that was laid down for me. I waste my life mostly on things of this earth, instead of preparing for the life You have planned for me, a life with You. Yet nothing stopped You from dying on that cross for me. You wholeheartedly died on that cross so You can spend eternity with me — an unworthy sinner.

I do not deserve You. I simply don’t. Yet You remind me every single day: I am worthy, worthy of your grace, worthy of your love, worthy of your life. All I need to do in return is accepting You in my life. TC mark

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