No Refunds Or Rainchecks On The Ride Of Life

Have you stopped recently to notice and appreciate the sunny day or say hello to the new neighbor across the hall? Have you ever received a random act of kindness or given one to a stranger? If the answer is no, you are not alone.

The truth is, for most of us, we are consumed in our own world with school, family, relationships, or career. We have very little time to stop and give notice to anything else on the outside. Usually, it isn’t until we are jolted into reality that we begin to take notice of life around us. It may be due to a health scare, the death of a loved one, or a near highway collision on the way to work. It is easy to take life for granted because our world moves so quickly.

But, regardless of our busy lives, it’s important to remember that we only get a one-ticket admission on this ride of life. There is an expiration date on the ticket, but it’s kind of a secret. Make life a priority now, not later. Hop aboard the ride of life and make the most of your time while you still can. Use it wisely and experience it fully with eyes and heart wide open.

See the beauty in the obvious, but do not forget the little things that go unnoticed. Take in the fragrance of the flowers in bloom as they are given drink by the early morning dew. Notice the artistry of the sky and the clouds that form recognizable images. Listen to the laughter of children, still so innocent and unaware of the reality of the world around them.

Be kind to others. Show a smile to the person you meet. It may be the only smile they receive today.

Help your neighbors. Do you even know their names? Do they know they can count on you in an emergency? It is the neighborly thing to do.

Read often, for it is within the pages of a book where you can find your dreams. Those dreams can one day become your reality.

Discover your talents. Don’t be the one who takes their last breath never having used the gifts you were born to share. The world awaits. Share them.

Respect differences of opinions and have respect for each other. The color of one’s skin, their ideas, geographical location, or wealth doesn’t makes a person better or less than the other.

Children are born happy and nonjudgmental. It is what they see and what society instills in them that makes them change. Model your best around them, because actions speak much louder than words.

Be happy for those who achieve great things, because they make the world a better place. The difference between them and others who do not achieve their goals is that the achiever never gave up. If you fall, get up and try again. Take chances. Get out of your comfort zone. There is so much more to experience.

Work hard, do your best, and be proud of your job, no matter your title. Each title, when done well, is a vital piece of the whole. From the custodian, to the kitchen help, to the CEO, a cohesive atmosphere in the workplace promotes productivity.

Take time often out of your day to be still and self-reflect. Examine your life. If you aren’t happy, then strive to be. Do whatever it takes to change it. If you have hurt someone, apologize. If you aren’t on speaking terms with family members, seek to change it. Be the better person.

As we age, muscles will weaken, wrinkles may appear, but a person’s true character remains faithful. It is your ethical and moral compass. Your character is the person you are when no one is around to observe your actions.

Jealously is not attractive. Everything you need is inside of you. Look inward and find your treasure. A person who is confident and content is incapable of being jealous of others. If you want more, then what are you waiting for?

There is so much to discover beyond your own backyard. Never miss a chance to see the beauty across the miles.

Learn the meaning of empathy and practice it often. That is where you will experience tolerance and understanding for all humanity. You may meet someone, yet never know the story and pain they hide behind their smile.

Most importantly, always remember there is no repeat of our life. There are no do overs, refunds or rain checks. It’s a one- ticket admission, good only until our last breath. Make the most of your time while you still can.

Life is short. Make it count.

I started life coaching after retiring from teaching.

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