Please Date Someone Else So I Can Move On

Sara Rolin

We were best buddies. I don’t know if we still are now because life happened, but you’re definitely close to my heart. So close – you don’t even know.

I never hoped anything from you from the start. You were dating this cool and pretty girl (I admit that too) and how could I compete? So I chose to be by the sidelines, cheering on you two. I still did have a small crush on you, to be honest.

Even with the girlfriend, that didn’t stop us to spend a lot of time together. You would actually tell me stuff about her, even your relationship problems. Gag. Anyways, I was always there to listen. Another gag. Kidding. I was a genuine friend to you, though I definitely heard my heart breaking multiple times then.

Fast forward to years later, you’re now single. And damn, how happy I am! Not. I am so not happy you were heartbroken. I knew how painful, how sad it was. But I didn’t expect you were gonna create a distance between us as well, and until now, I still question it. Was I the one who broke your heart, huh? You bastard.

It’s just ironic how single and available you are right now, but at the same time, you’re off-limits. Do you know that? That’s why I can’t let you go. That’s why I can’t move on. Because you’re still there. If fate allows or if you and I play our cards right, there could be something between us. Or so other people around us say. Then again, I feel you slipping away from my fingers it’s heartbreaking.

So please, if you can’t be mine, please date already. Please find a girl who’s gonna be the freaking right one. If it’s not gonna be me, please just get a woman you will love and date forever. Stop collecting and playing all these girls. Please just do it. If you do so, I can finally stop myself from expecting. I can finally think not of you and this pathetic unrequited love when I’m asked about my love life. I can finally get over you.

If you’re reading this, then well yes, I love you. More than anything, this is a confession. I confess I love you but if you can’t love me back, please, don’t be single anymore. Just let me go. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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