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There Is So Much More For You Here

grayscale photography of woman

If you’ve been in a desert season for a while now, I know how difficult it can be to even imagine good things springing up for you here. But I want you to know that the desires you hold within you have meaning—they have a purpose.

When Love Is Bigger Than A Feeling

man hugging woman near trees

When love is bigger than a feeling, it no longer looks starry-eyed or sounds dreamy or has butterflies doing rounds in our bellies, but it transitions into a quiet knowing between two hearts that this what we have here is gold.

I Hope Your Heart Never Stops Breaking

When we allow our hearts to break, we allow reality to enter and seep right through our veiled existence. We allow space for knowledge and understand the need to silence our thoughts and ideas about the world so that we can finally listen to what’s really being said.