How To Ruin You Life (Without Even Trying To) By Rushing Ahead And Letting Yourself Crash

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It’s always been interesting to me how we chase our dreams, visions, and imaginations without hesitation quite frequently.

We assume that since it’s a good thing it must also be a now thing.

A lot of times, by forgetting to check if we are ready for the new thing that we just said ‘yes’ to, we leave ourselves to risk our credibility, our sense of peace, and our creative motivation/energy. It’s quite tragic really. Imagine with me for a moment that you has $15,000 and were asked to place it on a public table? You would not think that was a great idea because a public table doesn’t really have boundaries. Easy robbery.

Well now imagine, if you just bought a brand new expensive item and someone tried to place it on a flimsy table. You would not let them because you know that the table would break and that it might damage your valuable item. Easy damage.

It’s crazy how sometimes it is easier to guard our possessions than ourselves.

We step into situations all the time without boundaries for ourselves or the other person, we walk around trying to carry a weight that we are not capable of sustaining.

We are crashing. But we don’t notice that we are crashing. But not noticing it doesn’t stop us from crashing either.

Chances are whenever you have faces stress, you muster up the strength and you tell yourself to power through it. Don’t get me wrong, there are times when that is absolutely what you have to do. However, there are also times when you don’t need to power through, you need to instead take the time to check out the scene. You need to see for yourself if you are strong enough to be carrying the weight that you are. If you are safe enough to protect the things that you say you can. You need to know you.

Sometimes, we rush into relationships, careers, cities, titles, etc without a clear understanding of who we are and where we are. It’s easy to think it doesn’t matter until you start to crumble underneath the weight of it all.

It is so important that you notice yourself.

As much as you may want to believe that people will see your strain and volunteer to help you carry your weight, chances are that they are where you are and that they can’t. It’s not always because people are awful and selfish. Most times, it’s actually just because they are human. It’s because they have limits and because they can’t do their job and yours.

You need to buck up and do some heavy lifting.

We must face ourselves.

You must face yourself.

Some growth is done inside of community, but a large portion is done when you are alone. A lot of the growth that you need the most happens in slow motion. Incredibly slow. But it’s the kind of change that you can sustain. The difference between you and a flimsy table is that where you are now is not a direct reflection of where you will be. It is only reflective of where you are. You may not be able to do all the things that you want to do right now, but the day is coming. It doesn’t need to race in its direction. It needs you to keep on focusing on making sure that you are healthy enough to take care of yourself and what you have committed to.

Taking on a new opportunity is not committing to taking care of something instead of yourself, it is taking care of your new opportunity as well as yourself.

Consider your personal health and development as well as your ability to do the things you are asked to do. In an ideal world, you could always take care of both. In reality, that is not likely; however, by thinking of it from time to time you allow yourself the freedom to start changing what you can in the scenarios that you can. But it starts by dropping the internal clock.

Don’t race pressure. You are not behind.

You are walking to the beat of your own drum. You are growing as you are ready. You are doing what you need to in the ways that you need it most.

Don’t rush to crash

Don’t rush to strain

Don’t rush at all. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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