A Series Of Haikus Illustrating The Stages Of Hunger

A Series Of Haikus Illustrating The Stages Of Hunger

1. My discomfort shows

Stomach publicly cries out

I pray no one hears

2. This is the first sign

I hear, feel, and can’t ignore

Where is the food store?

3. Can’t wait to eat now

It’s not safe to socialize

Hunger rises high

4. Please don’t ask me, friend

I can’t think right now at all

Things don’t make much sense

5. I want to scream, my

Mood is going down so fast

Get out of my way

6. I don’t want to be

This way when I don’t eat food

But I am, hangry

7. I cannot feel much

Of anything else right now

Red is all I see

8. Ding! My order’s here

My face brightens and tears form

I cry out in joy

9. I unwrap my food

Eating as I walk, don’t talk

To me, this is great

10. I start to dream up

My next meal and I smile, wait

Did you say something?

11. Sorry, I was rude

I just really needed food

Let’s hang now, me and you!

12. I feel fantastic

Hunger is quite tragic, friend

Oh, what was that?

13. People are hungry now

With no other resources?

We should share the love

14. Speaking of love, thanks

For not leaving at my worst

I’ll try to be kinder, next time Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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