62 Things You Need To Stop Assuming About Extroverts

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1. Our lives are easier

2. We love public speaking always

3. We don’t get nervous

4. We want to meet everyone

5. We don’t get tired

6. We are always down to do things

7. We will always say “yes”

8. We were always extroverts

9. We can’t concentrate

10. We flirt with everyone

11. We are never sad

12. We never feel awkward

13. We are never mad

14. We don’t get disappointed

15. We don’t feel deeply

16. We are not as good of writers/thinkers

17. We try to control situations

18. We want to keep the conversation going

19. We should keep the conversation going

20. We are shallow

21. We are not smart

22. We need to be with people

23. We are people pleasers

24. We are always confident

25. Everyone is always invited to everything we initiate

26. We can’t relate with introverts

27. We want to make all of the plans, all of the time

28. We don’t get shy

29. We don’t get embarrassed

30. We don’t hear ourselves

31. We don’t think we talk a lot

32. We don’t get self-conscious

33. We don’t value people as much

34. We are fake and flaky

35. We are the life of all of the parties

36. We have tons of friends and want to date everyone

37. We are out of our minds

38. When we aren’t talking a lot, we are pissed off

39. You know everything about us

40. We are self-absorbed

41. We don’t have secrets

42. We share everything with anyone

43. Our opinions are less notable

44. We don’t know what to do when you are not around

45. We want to take over the world

46. We think we are better

47. We can’t listen

48. We are clingy

49. We are bossy

50. We can’t get deep

51. We are not as organized

52. We play around all of the time

53. We don’t get social anxiety

54. We aren’t introspective

55. We want to walk all over you

56. We are always “on”

57. We are always available

58. We never feel left out

59. We always feel left out

60. We don’t care/notice if you make eye contact or not

61. You can pretend to listen to us

62. You can be a crappy friend and we won’t notice Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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