21 People On The Risky Thing They’d Try If They Knew They Couldn’t Fail

21 People On Risky Things They Would Try If They Knew They Could Not Fail
Allegra Messina

1.“Steal the declaration of independence.”

— Anonymous

2. “Swim to the moon and sleep with Natalie Portman.”


3. “Invade Russia in the winter.”

4. “Trip Trump.”

— Kelly R, 14

5.  “Use a shovel to sign my way to the center of the earth.” 

6. “Start investing aggressively.”

7. “I’d probably want to skydive without chute and land on legs with no damage.”

8.  “Give Shakira another child.”

9. “Use the force.” 

— LittleLui

10. “Ask Mila Kunis out for steak.”

11. “Backflip.”

12. “Begin a relationship.”

13. “Play the lotto.” 

14. “Rob a bunch of banks and then I’d open a coffee shop.”

 — Rocked_licker

15. “Steal this chick’s boyfriend. [I’m not going to do it, but this quote makes me want to try.]”

16.  “Not let you tell me what to do.”


17. “Open my mind.”

— unknown

18. “Not let you tell me what to do.”


19. “B


20. “Open my mind.”

— unknown

21. “Skydive. WITHOUT a parachute.”

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