101 Tiny Lessons About Love You Can Only Learn From ‘Anne Of Green Gables’

Anne of Green Gables

1. Love is bigger than just romance

2. Be invested

3. Love passionately

4. Live with passion

5. Notice the small things

6. Notice the big things

7. Family is more than genetic

8. We all need somewhere to belong

9. Always give it your best

10. Stand up for you

11. Don’t hide your smarts or your style

12. Appreciate the moments

13. Don’t lie to people

14. Don’t lie to yourself either

15. Do not take or break what is not yours

16. Stand by the people who were there for you

17. Do not allow yourself to be made small

18. If you apologize, commit and do it thoroughly

19. Only say what you mean, but don’t aim to be mean

20. If what you say is mean, apologize…thoroughly

21. Hold on to your enchantment

22. Imagine possibilities

23. Hard work is the only way

24. There is redemption after a sour first impression

25. Be the person that shows up when you are needed

26. Stick around

27. Look for the beauty in everyday situations

28. Fall in love with your life and not just the people around you

29. Notice the beauty of the world around you

30. Be interested in who/what you are interested in

31. Don’t hide your interest or your wit

32. When you pray, feel the prayer

33. Ask questions that you want answers to

34. If there is something that you can do, do it

35. Abandon fear

36. Choose yourself first

37. You can do just as much as any boy

38. Take pride in your personal style

39. Reach for the stars

40. Don’t be plain in life or love

41. Do not accuse falsely

42. Love with no strings attached

43. There is always tomorrow

44. Sometimes, growing up and falling in love is ‘trial by fire’

45. Learn new things

46. Invest in your mind

47. Have real conversations

48. Don’t limit yourself

49. Life is too short to be on the fence about everything

50. Whatever you need to say, is best said in person

51. To love is to sacrifice

52. Be present when your family needs you

53. Quality time is important

54. Sometimes accidents are small, and other times they lead to drunken mistakes

55. Be enchanted by mystery

56. Don’t try to control everything, imagine instead

57. Get up and try again if you want it

58. Words are beautiful and we should never miss an opportunity to engage

59. Some folks are better ignored

60. You only need to love the people who matter most with all you have

61. Stay young at heart

62. Rejection and disappointment are part of a beautiful story

63. Sometimes, hard situations are not “lucky”

64. Another person’s pain is not about always you

65. Be there for people even if you are not sure how

66. Bullying is for the weak

67. Try something new

68. You are more than your history

69. Laugh when you mean it

70. Stay active in your mind and body

71. Don’t listen to your doubts

72. Bring out the best in people

73. Name the tree, befriend strangers

74. Make the most of things, even when they are not ideal

75. Marry your best friend

76. There is no one way to be a woman or to fall in love

77. Dance and be wild

78. Stay committed

79. Never forget how beautiful it is to belong

80. Don’t let age disqualify you

81. Be brave and do what you know is right

82. Don’t conform

83. Relationships come in all shapes and sizes

84. There is more love to go around

85. Be kind

86. Always play fair

87. Don’t make people feel small

88. Expect the unexpected and sometimes the impossible too

89. Share your imagination

90. Face your bullies

91. Do not settle for plain

92. We can grow into beauty

93. Be with someone who loves your wild

94. Be with someone who is not afraid of your smartness

95. Never forget where you come from

96. Do not shame your inner romantic

97. Do not be ashamed of your ‘flowering’

98. Try only making new mistakes

99. Hold on to your dreams, even after you fall in love

100. Always be grateful for the people and moments that make your life what it is

101. “If you can’t be cheerful, be as cheerful as you can.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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