How Emotionally Intelligent Girls Handle Waiting For Love Differently

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1. They Actually Wait

They aren’t secretly looking for someone to love them and acting they don’t care, they genuinely like their lives. The love the people in it and are not seeking validation from someone or anyone at all. Emotionally intelligent girls understand how draining it can be to always be on the prowl (even on the low) and they have just stopped looking because they are too busy paying attention to living a life that they genuinely enjoy.

2. They Enjoy Their Lives

Because they are present. They are not racing the days in their calendar. Emotionally intelligent girls know that tomorrow will come with it does and today is a once in a lifetime opportunity. They pay attention to the moments and don’t spend energy stressing about things they cannot control. They are interested in meeting someone who enjoys the gift of life as well. They want to grow together, encourage the other to keep their perspective on the things that matter and to remain present. They don’t let just anyone date them, especially energy drainers and high-key negative people.

3. They Pursue Their Curiosities And Interests

They don’t see the point in being interested in traveling somewhere and never going or wanting to learn something and never doing it. Emotionally intelligent girls identify their curiosities and interests and then pursue it full on. They are interested in people who do the same. These kinds of girls are not looking to be held back by the curious and timid. They will gladly wait for someone who wants to enjoy and part-take in this life as well.

4. They Have Role Models And Mentors

The smartest people are the ones who know that they are not the smartest. It the paradox of life. Emotionally intelligent girls know that they cannot know more than they know so they reach out to leaders in their life who can steer them in the right direction. They look up to people who are doing what they want to do well and they have mentors in their lives that love them enough to tell them the truth. They trust these leaders and actually listen to their input and weigh it when making their final decision.

5. They Have A Good Community That They Are Committed To

Once an emotionally intelligent girl is committed to a community, you can bet your bottom dollar that she means it. They know what it means to be invested and aren’t planning on just going anywhere the wind takes them. They have people in their lives that they are committed to and that is a part of their decision when they weigh if they want to enter a relationship. They like to have a sense of what it would be like to date within their context. So they don’t rush things.

6. They Don’t Try To Change Who They Are

They know that no two people are the same and believe that there is room for their full personality in this world. Emotionally intelligent girls don’t try to change who they are to make people feel better. Instead, they welcome people into their world and give them the same permission to be who they are and who they want to be. They expect the same freedom in return. They are not looking for someone to help validate who they are, they are confident.  So by the time they enter a relationship, it is simply because they want to be with the other person. No strings attached.

7. They Laugh At Things That Are Funny

Why hide the smile? Emotionally intelligent girls know that life is a mix of things. When good things happen, they let themselves celebrate it and to laugh with the highs. The don’t pretend that they are not amused if they are. They also don’t force themselves to enjoy things that are not enjoyable. You are not likely to find an emotionally intelligent girl talking about how draining laughing at things that are not funny is…because they don’t. They are not looking to flatter themselves into a relationship. If they like you, you will know.

8. They Let Things Go That Don’t Belong

Emotionally intelligent girls know what they are made of, what they can do, and what works for them, so when things that don’t make sense with them come into the picture and threaten to take away their inner sense of peace, they know how to say “No, thank you” and keep it moving. They do not aim to be rude when declining, it is just from wisdom. This is not the same as being close minded or closed off; they are open to trying new things, just within reason. They will enter a relationship that is mutually beneficial when it is time and are very mindful of their boundaries.

9. They Understand That Good Things Take Time

Emotionally intelligent girls are not impressed with the rat race. In fact, they are pretty over it. They understand that nothing awesome happens over time. They take all the time that they need because they have probably tried rushing a good thing before and have come to understand that that rarely ever ends well. Even if they were to meet a person that they wanted to be in a relationship, they would take their time because they understand that people are complex and that love is a big deal so naturally, it takes time.

10. They Work On Themselves

Emotionally intelligent girls understand that they still have a long way to go. They know that they will never be done developing and that there is alway room to grow some more. They keep the light on and continue to make progress in their lives. They also celebrate each step forward. They are interested in partners who are also working on themselves and taking life a day at a time.

All in all, emotionally intelligent girls have a got a good handle on life because they don’t expect perfection. They look at dating from this perspective as well and usually are not in a rush to enter a committed relationship. Girls like this are so worth the wait, and they are not bothered by taking their time. They will live their best lives, chase their dreams, and wait for a love that works for them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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