Why Intelligent Girls Do Not Fear Change


Life’s only constant is that it isn’t. You have changed so much in all the years that you have known yourself and so have the people around you. On top of all that, our government, media, and our foreign policy have changed too.

The reality is if you are going to do well in life, you’d be wise to practice the art of letting go and leaning into things that you can’t control.

You would be wise to let yourself change as you change things, no matter how many times you have to change. Every intelligent girl knows that no one gets out of life with the same set of skills or the same perspective that they started out with, and why would you want to?

But let’s face it. You’ve come to this place before. You have laid down former certainties in exchange for deeper understanding, newer experiences, and refinement. You did the hard work, and it almost broke you and somehow at the last minute, it ended up building you up. You learned about yourself and the world, you appreciated the process and then you grew content. You decided that you were content with who you have become and life switched up on you again.

Now you are back to square one and you don’t want to bend.

The first few times you changed, you were more curious than afraid and there was less to lose because your certainties were not as set as they are now. You may be afraid to change again, to dive in deep one more time into your questions, into your transition, but there is something on the inside daring you to dive headfirst into change and telling you that it will be okay, even when it isn’t; listen to that voice.

Do not keep such a tight leash on your reputation (or your understanding of it) to the point that you are both unwilling and unable to change. Do not be afraid to change your mind or your life.

Great things don’t come from fear, they come when you move in spite of the fear. Brave people are brave because they fully feel their fear and they continue moving forward. Don’t be the one to stop yourself. Get out of your own way and change one more time, you may love who you become more than you know and the world around you may need that person to be brave. Keep going. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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