Here’s What Secretly Drives You Crazy, According To Your Birth Order

Seth Doyle

You birth order has a significant effect on your personality and behavior in life. Below are various things that would drive you mad based on your birth order.

for the Firstborn

– Finding out that you have absolutely no ability to contribute ideas, content, or achieve anything.

– Having no structure in place or incredibly flimsy “structure” that might as well not be structure at all.

– Having no one see your hard work and to be lumped in with “the rest of the team” every time, no matter how much you accomplish.

– To be forced to spontaneous in ways that you are not at all open to.

– Never having the opportunity to lead as an available option.

– You are viewed as incredibly incompetent at work, at home, when you are volunteering, in transit, etc. No one has faith in you.

– You stop having dreams and are unable to plan potential next steps.

FOR THE Middle Child…

– All of your friends have packed up their backs and left for a vacation that you are not invited to.

– You are in the middle of a lot of arguments and you can’t fix any of them.

– All of your rebellious efforts are commended as honorable and highly conscientious so you are never able to make a statement.

– Being surround by injustice and not being able to do anything about it. At all.

– People start defining you severely and won’t let you “be who you are” and refuse to let you have an opinion.

– You are forced to prove yourself constantly and are always being compared to a sibling.

for the Youngest child…

– No one pays attention to you and thinks that you are annoying.

– Friends always bail on you and never want to be seen in public with you.

– Everyone ignores your ideas.

– Nothing works out for you, ever. You are forced to plan out every moment.

– Your life become monotonous and you can no longer tell the days apart

– You are made to work at a low position (with zero advancement opportunity), isolated from people and unable to socialize.


– Your twin gets married and moves to another country where you are unable to reach each other over the phone.

– Your twin starts sharing all of your secrets in public spaces because they stopped being able to tell if something was a personal secret or not.

– You are made to work long, boring hours alone without windows.

– Love interests stop seeing you as an individual and want to date you and your twin. Everywhere you go, you are forced to operate as the exact same person.

– Never being seen as an individual again, for as long as you live.

FOR THE Only Child…

– You singlehandedly disappoint everyone that comes into your path.

– No one finds you charming.

– You are unable to contain your rage and are seen as a wild person.

– You are labeled “most immature” at work.

– No matter how hard you try and plan, you are always 30 minutes late to everything that you are asked to be a part of.

– People stop inviting you places, and you are judged publicly for all of your private insecurities. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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