Never Settle For Someone Less Than You Deserve

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Flickr / Janine

You deserve better than this. You would have done anything to keep him around. To make him yours. It’s not until right now, where none of those things even matter anymore that you realize you don’t deserve someone who doesn’t make you feel good enough. No one does.

You deserve someone who is going to fight for you and genuinely cares about whether you’re around or not. If someone says to you, they think you’re amazing but they feel like they can potentially find someone else who’s just as amazing.

That’s where it’s time for you to officially walk away. 

I mean really walk away. Not walk away, cause they’re ending it and you technically have no choice. But in the back of your head you still try and rekindle things after a period of time.

Or keep hoping and praying they come around. I mean walk away in every sense you can think of – fully. You’re no longer an option right now, in the near future or five years from now. Unless they plan you a flash mob which in that case – it’s your judgment.

Allowing someone like this to continue to be in your life is reinforcing the behavior that it’s okay for them to treat you like this and make you feel this way. 

It’s not okay. 
Someone that’s worth your time would have their focus on you and only you.

There’s nothing else left to add to that. If you’re going to invest your energy, vulnerability and emotion in another human being and they still decide that it’s comparable to someone else out there than I promise it’s not worth holding out for them to come back. 

You deserve someone who will understand what you want and give that to you.

It sounds so incredibly simple. But I’m writing this down to remind myself of all of these things. So I’m assuming there’s people out there who lose touch of these simple thoughts too. 

This is a reminder that we deserve someone who looks at us the same way we look at them and nothing less. There’s always this gap between what we know and how we actually feel which I totally understand.

But I don’t need to explain to you that ignoring the facts can lead down a harmful path. If there were a club that discussed following your heart instead of your head, I would be a gold member.

But there’s a point where it’s not worth it anymore to so willingly give someone everything you have when you know they can’t give that back to you in return. It’s not fair to you, and they don’t deserve what you have to offer to begin with. 
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