When You Feel Like Giving Up On Love

At least once in your life, have you ever turned your back on love? Have you ever felt love demanded too much from you, or too much of you? Ever felt love plays favoritism and you believed you weren’t one of it?

Sometimes in our lives, we can’t deny that our stars are arranged that way — when we purposely force ourselves to leave love behind because at one point, everything hits beside the mark. No matter how we try to put our shattered pieces back together, nothing ever fits perfectly again. We try so hard to move on with life having a beaten drive. We go on with a figuratively dying self, crawling with the very last strength we have. There’s always this one time when losing a significant part of us forces us to learn the tough way.

But, there’s also this time when struggling gets easier day after day; when getting by doesn’t hurt as much anymore. One day, tears naturally dry up and fears start melting away. And then the next thing we know, we are beginning to be whole again.

We wake up every morning to meet new people with the hope of finally finding the one. But at the end of the day, it’s either none turns out right or we settle for less. Oftentimes, we are selfish; we demand immediacy from love because we can’t stand being alone. We find comfort in somebody else’s home rather than in ours. But we need to accept that love requires time, sometimes, even longer than we are willing to wait. Time hurts over and over because it wants us to grow. Or simply because, it’s for the best.

And when we are already with the one we love, realities become more honest. We start identifying flaws and differences. As days go by, we realize standing up to loving unconditionally gets more difficult to persevere. We go back to asking what is in it for us. Then, we redefine who we want. We pursue seeking those who can keep up to our senseless checklists without realizing that we are missing out on what matters more.

Inevitable are the times when some things fall short. Then, our ears start to shut down as we permit our mouths do the work. We unintentionally hurt each other for reasons as shallow as forgetting week-saries. And with this, we fail to love — for love, when hurt, loves more. It spares rooms for mistakes. It allows pain to linger so that we can grow. Sometimes, it tears us apart to remind us that we are still frail.

Hurrying love may make you a better lover but waiting patiently can make you profound. Yes, differences push people away but at one point, it bring people back together more beautifully. Lastly, mistakes break us, disappoint us. We hurt not because of love…

…but because we forget what love is. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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