To The Guy Who Came Back After Breaking My Heart

Brooke Cagle / Unsplash 

I did not see it coming yet I always felt like waiting – waiting for someone I didn’t exactly know.

It has been more than a year and thousands of words have already been written after you; or maybe after us, if there has really been an “us”. Most of my days went by without any thoughts of you but I spent some of them stalking your profile because I wanted to know if you were doing okay or what was keeping you busy. Then one day, one of your photos answered me – you were more than okay and happy…with her.

The smile you were flaunting at the camera; a smile I saw from you for the first time showed that you were simply happy and in love. I don’t understand myself, why I still do it, why I still feel satisfied whenever I learn new things about you no matter how small. I always say I have moved on but that doesn’t mean I don’t care about you anymore.

Then all of a sudden, you came back and wanted to talk. At first, I asked why, I didn’t want to believe you until you explained your side. Even if I did not hear your voice when you said you messed up badly with your life, it’s as if I have felt the sadness that occupied your current being. I felt your every word. I’d like to think that the universe has played its part in taking my indirect revenge on you but it just didn’t feel right.

My inner self is yelling at me to be happy because you are not happy but then again, that is just not right. Honestly, it made me sad that you felt that way. I didn’t want you to feel that way. I did not see you coming back to me yet here I am: forgetting everything, welcoming you with my arms wide open, conversing with you as if your stories were as interesting as mine. Knowing that I can talk to you any time of the day and your mere presence is enough. When I told you to just move on from the past, you took it as a signal for us to start fresh.

You said you didn’t deserve me but I have always believed that everyone deserves a second chance. You wished me all the good things this world has to offer and I wished you nothing but the best.

But dear, if ever you will leave me again, can you at least say goodbye? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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