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Target’s Holiday Hostess on Crack

We’re all familiar with Target’s above par TV commercials. There’s always some ubercatchy jingle with lots of bright colors and/or near subliminal message-type flashes and “dings!” mixed in throughout. This holiday season, however, Target has definitely outdone itself by introducing what I’d like to call the “holiday hostess on crack.”

127 Minutes: A True Story

So this weekend, America will be introduced to adrenaline-junkie Aron Ralston, the smart one who got his arm wedged between a boulder and a mountain, and was stuck like that for 5 days, or 127 hours.  Audiences will ooh and ahh in amazement, as well as disgust, at the raw brutality of this man vs. nature true-life story. 

Who Needs Clothes?

French writer Jean Cocteau once wrote, “The prettiest dresses are worn to be taken off.” I say, sure — if you’re a whore. Twain had it much more spot-on. According to him — an American, by the way — clothes make the man… naked people have little or no influence on society.