I Fell In Love With A Girl On Tinder

Flickr / wilB
Flickr / wilB

I never used to date much. The occasional drunken hook-up here and there was enough to satisfy me. Talking to Friday Girl and then moving on to Saturday Slut, I wasn’t looking for love. You could say I was out to get my dick sucked. And that’s when this fun app named “Tinder” got downloaded into my life.

I thought it was fucking hilarious. Match with a couple girls and then drunk-message them after a night out grinding on a couple other girls. One drunken night in particular, I dazedly remember matching with this cute light-skinned girl who was instantly into what I was dishing out. Even my first message got her to send over a smiley. Her sincerity caught me off guard. We exchanged numbers the next night and occasionally chatted after that.

A couple weeks go by, and I wake up in this one redhead’s bed to see that the “sincere” girl hit me up to see what I’ve been up to. Ironic as it is, I told her I had been busy. I was, after all. As the weeks continued to go by, I was getting more and more curious about this “sincere” girl, because in our li’l convos, I found myself being sincere. In fact, I was being the most blunt that I had been in years with somebody. It was the kind of curiosity that would later terrify me in the most awesome way possible.

I met up with the sincere girl. We hooked up a few times. God, she was something else. The curiosity kept ballooning as the occasional hangouts became full-fledged dates.

Then she became my girlfriend.

I didn’t even know what a girlfriend was, what it could be, but she showed me. She cared about me over time. I remember one rainy night we made love. It wasn’t sex anymore. I saw myself when I looked at this person.

When someone loves you, you can see it in their eyes. I couldn’t hide it in mine anymore. As cliché as it is, love with the “sincere” girl just happened like it did in those cheesy McConaughey rom-coms. Then again I’m mediocre-looking compared to Matthew McConaughey, but that’s beside the point.

I thank my clueless, self-centered generation for making an application like Tinder so popular. I thank myself for being equally clueless and self-centered at the time that we matched. It stuns me how such a simple process as a flick of a finger could bring two people together. I believe in love now, all it took for me was a swipe right. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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