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Feeling Like A Piece Of Crap

It hurts that people only ask you to join them in a social event out of pity. Even if you say yes, inside you will remember that you’re vulnerable; a disadvantaged bottom-feeder taking charity. You almost enjoy yourself, until your ‘friend’ hooks arms with their partner and leaves you (they are going somewhere else, to be intimate together – without you. They don’t think about you, or care).

The Importance Of Memory

Time doesn’t really go very far at all. You’re not following a line with distance from beginning to now. You’re a mass within a mass and every moment of time passing is just mass changing, rotating. The pictures flash, and we can be very thankful for that. That memory gives us a portal to something gone; something we can’t get back.

A Strange One-Night Stand

I am drinking, looking around, waiting. I don’t do much approaching, rather I will perch and play scrabble on my phone – waiting for a hot, cute, average, gross, or breathing dude to chat me up. I have a few moves up my sleeve. Like asking someone to light my cigarette. Or freakishly lighting someone’s cigarette who doesn’t even know I’m standing behind them.

President Obama bin Laden Is Dead

An epic flub here for Washington DC Fox affiliate WTTG, the anchor reports: “President Obama is, in fact, dead.” Only to quickly correct himself, “I’m sorry, [I mean] Osama Bin Laden is dead.”

Grindr 101

Try saying you are “looking for ski lessons while you ride BB on the DL with NSA”. You don’t need/want to know what that means, but it will work – every time.

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