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You Need To Know That You Broke My Heart

It’s all a game we play. You’re not supposed to know how much power you had over me. You’re not supposed to how much I thought about you, how often I thought about what were you doing, how often you reduced me to tears.

20 Foods To Avoid On A Date

1. Corn on the cob 2. Buffalo wings 3. Spaghetti 4. Candy apple 5. Egg drop soup 6. Crunchy tacos + over-application of salsas and various watery sauces…

Stuff You Say When You’re Drunk

“Guys, there’s like, no beer left. Virtually no beer. Should we take shots? Who wants a shot? Raise your hand. Okay, I can’t… how many of you are there? We don’t have enough shot glasses then, so I’m gonna drink from the bottle and the rest of you can have a shot glass or drink from the bottle when I’m done. Someone pour the shots for us.”

My Ex Hates Me

You’ve blocked me on Facebook (the modern way of saying “I hate your guts!”) and you won’t even mention my name while in the presence of mutual friends. How did we get to this point? It makes me sick to think that someone who once meant so much to me could start to erase everything.

Shake Your Eyes To This Mesmerizing Wigglegram Music Video

This new music video from the Portland-based dream pop duo Mint Julep for their song “Aviary” is just mesmerizing. The directors play with the wigglegram or camera shift technique we see in a lot of gif animations, but give it a refreshingly different take by prolonging the effect across the span of a whole music video as well as running wigglegram against the regular film rate.

Can You Love A Monster?

My brother is messed up. Even though we’ve become “close” in the last few years, I still acknowledge that he’s a person with serious rage issues. I knew things weren’t going so well between he and his girlfriend. He had cut her off from her old life when they started dating and subsequently made her entirely dependent on him.

Feast Your Eyes On This $1 Billion Yacht

The proposed project will recreate the European city state of Monaco into a 500-foot watercraft equipped with swimming pool, gym, a submarine, a salon, private massage suites, a casino, a detachable submarine, and… you get the point. Well, maybe you don’t, because it also has a heliport and extra mini-yachts.

What I Want (And Other Names Of The Beast)

I saw something. It was tall. It turned me on, and I quickly began examining features. Shoulders, back, head, arms, legs, clothing, demeanor. In about 5 seconds I had decided I wanted this. Something I wanted to possess. A banal wish for completion through ownership stripped me of my self and quelled the beauty of my being.

When I’m High

When I’m high on painkillers, I get really dehydrated. I chug a lot of water and like to munch on popsicles. I sometimes joke that I have an opiate fridge. You look inside it and you just see tons of water and soft foods. I’m like Rachel Ray if she were on Vicodin.

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