Watch This Video Of Kittens Mesmerized By Tennis

I guess you can say I’m a sociopath because I don’t really like cats and that seems to make me inhuman. In fact, I don’t really like animals at all. But that all changed today when I saw this incredibly sweet video of two kittens hanging out watching a tennis match. Who said cute videos can’t be art? This changed my life more than the Mona Lisa or Moby Dick. TC mark


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    […] Kittens have been  one of the cutest things to watch on the internet over the years and this new video of two kittens watching a tennis game proves it again. The kittens watch attentively as the ball go from one play to the next! The video has been featured on some top websites like Yahoo, Huffingtonpost, Buzzfeed and Thoughtcatalog. […]

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