Disney’s Beauty And The Beast Gets A Hood Rat Makeover

Former American Idol contestant Todrick Hall has followed in the path of… some YouTube user named wehoguy30 and updated “Belle,” the opening song from Beauty and the Beast. While wehoguy30’s rendition dubbed over the Disney cartoon to create an effeminate (“gay”) rendition of the song, Todrick went all out and hired a full cast to act out the hoodrat version (featuring Antoine Dodson of “Hide yo’ kids, hide yo’ wife” fame). Take off your PC hats and please to enjoy. TC mark


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  • http://loveandchunkybits.tumblr.com MB

    MMmmmm hhhmmm…. RED FLAG “Take off your PC hats”? Really!!! I dont like it bc I didnt grow up in the hood, but I’m familiar with the hood… and its NOT EVEN LIKE THAT! The hood has bad, and also has a lot of community, characters, and its own culture… thats NOT the one represented! And its one of the few places u can go to get away from WHITE PEOPLE! And why Belle gotta be white! Which makes it EVEN WORSE! My PC hat never comes off, bc at the end of the day ur insulting me! This is exploitation, pure and simple. Getting rich off of other people’s culture.

    • AHRAH

      Todrick Hall made this.

  • becca

    really, thought catalog?

  • SMH

    This is comic gold. I don’t know what you over sensitive kids are talking about. Satire – didn’t they teach you that in school?

  • #racistasfuck

    Wait, does thought catalog not have one editor that knows better than to put this up? Whether or not a black person was responsible for making it, this video is racist, and perpetuates really harmful stereotypes about the black community. If the magazine had cast the vaguest of thoughts about how its black readers would feel about its posting a video like this – the pain, the anger of it; it wouldn’t have dared do it. It’s definitely lost a reader in me, without a doubt.

    And if I have to read one more comment telling me not to be over sensitive about hurtful representations of me and my people that have VERY REAL VERY DAMAGING results in terms of the way other people choose to interact with us in our DAY TO DAY LIVES, I might scream. I want to see the entire world suggest, no, tell YOU in its every message that you are uneducated, poor, crass, and ugly, have other people then believe that (whether consciously or subconsciously), treat you as such, and THEN see if you don’t feel a little sensitive about this type of thing too.


    • http://klsdjf. Latoya

      oh calm down you queen

      • #racistasfuck

        C’mon, are you really telling me you can’t see that other people think that this is really what we’re all like (even when they know its supposedly a ‘joke’) and then transfer that to how they treat us?

  • S

    Above all, this video is making fun of the ignorant white girl. I love it.

    • Imani

      Above all, this video is making fun of black people in low income communities. #awk

      • S

        It is. But all those satirical characters are clearly mocking the caricature of the ignorant white girl. And yes, the black stereotypes are more problematic because of racism. White people are obviously not oppressed. But the ignorant white girl character is still the biggest joke in the video.

    • http://gravatar.com/jereich2 jereich2

      Agreed. I think this video would be considered racist if it weren’t for the fact that the trope of the ignorant white girl is meant as the biggest joke in the piece. This humor is subversive, rather than crude and racist, and because it is subversive, it is highly controversial.

  • http://gravatar.com/datebynumbers datebynumbers

    I skipped straight to the comment section for the real entertainment.

  • http://n/a Jeorgia

    It’s not racist at all. it’s a comedic mockery thought of and created by a black man and I am sure he was going for that funny angle…which it was.

  • BB

    Coming from a black female it was hilarious. I’m not offended and it’s not racist. So you can go ahead and laugh now, it’s cool.

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