Shake Your Eyes To This Mesmerizing Wigglegram Music Video

This new music video from the Portland-based dream pop duo Mint Julep for their song “Aviary” is just mesmerizing. The directors play with the wigglegram or camera shift technique we see in a lot of gif animations, but give it a refreshingly different take by prolonging the effect across the span of a whole music video as well as running wigglegram against a regular film rate. Märkisches Viertel, a massive housing estate in Berlin, serves as the backdrop of the video and its plot revolves around three young girls adventuring from their homes, into the forest, to the edge of their town where they begin to try to wreak some kind of havoc. Only to return back home when the sun sets. TC mark

via Promonews

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  • RAH!

    Damn that is just fricking incredible. 

  • Lindsay Wade

    stupid effect. even more stupid video.

  • Melvin Alvarez

    mesmerizing instead of memorizing?

  • Robert.


  • Ffilhizabmn

    well somebody had to do it. I don’t like this video but I still think the idea could work

  • Frida

    reminds me of the st. vincent video, except this gives me a headache.

  • Lauren Wilford

    Hard to watch for the whole length, but I really admire this, both technically and on a deeper level. 

    Wigglegrams have always fascinated me for the weird sense of depth and significance they add to a scene– they force you to feel the space and the weight of the figures, to feel yourself inside a moment, the way a photograph should make you feel but can’t on its own. 

  • Emma

    Thanks awfully, but I just ate.

  • Lauren Wilford

    Also, “Mint Julep” is a worthy band name. 

  • Anonymous
  • Michael Koh

    gangsta bitches

  • Joseph Graham

    FYI. I was doing this two-years ago.

    Works really well with chamber pop though. kudos

  • Bea Alfonso (awsomepozum)

    Awesomeee! First time to see a wigglegram. Great concept/idea.
    However, it makes me dizzy. : But still great. Kudos!

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