20 Foods To Avoid On A Date

  1. Corn on the cob
  2. Buffalo wings
  3. Spaghetti
  4. Candy apple
  5. Egg drop soup
  6. Crunchy tacos + over-application of salsas and various watery sauces
  7. The tail end of a spider roll
  8. Spare ribs
  9. Steamed/ boiled spinach as main course
  10. Nachos that use ‘cheese sauce’ instead of cheese
  11. An unexpectedly incredibly spicy Mexican dish
  12. Gigantic burritos + over-application of salsas, sour cream, and various watery sauces
  13. Gigantic hamburger + fried egg + over-application of mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, etc.
  14. Large peaches
  15. Chili-cheese dogs via gas station
  16. Fried chicken
  17. Crab + large amounts of melted butter
  18. Artichoke + large amounts of melted butter
  19. Olives with pits discarded in nearby dish
  20. Sloppy joes
image – Marshal Astor


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  • oh, i see.

    this was a beautifully written article. very thought provoking. and SO FUNNY TOO!

    • i getcha


  • Megan Do

    Oh so that’s why we never went out on a second date…

  • John Cortes

    You forgot mangoes :)

  • rose georgia

    oh my god i think about this sort of thing all the time. every time i’m at a restaurant eating something messy or awkward or just unusual i always bring this up. thanks for compiling a list.
    spaghetti is the worst. also anything with little chopped up bits of herbs or poppy seeds. TEETH.

  • Jklsemicolon

    thanks for the advice and well written article?

  • AHH

    Are you crazy? I’d rather eat most of these things than go on a date, anyway, Even the boiled spinach is marginally more interesting than “how many ways I can tell this girl I once spent a semester in Berlin and know at least 14 words of German.” 

     You writers here at Thought Catalog are always concerned with love and the feelings that love bring us- sweet yet bitter, bitter yet worth writing at least four long-form pieces in third person. Poignant, honest, and referencing ribcages and seasonally appropriate nostalgia.

    Sometimes, I’d just rather fucking have the cheese sauce.

    • Guesty

      y u mad tho?

      • AHH

        I’m not mad I’m just hungry.  For egg drop soup and the stirring yet simple meal that is love.

  • guest

    “Chili-cheese dogs via gas station”

    You should probably not buy food from a gas station on a date, period. haha



  • LDN

    wtf man

  • jack


  • dechonmustard

    Spaghetti is my CARDINAL no-go date dish! I just can’t gracefully eat long pasta.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1363230138 Michael Koh

    ***hot wings. 

  • Maverick

    Hey, you have to realize that the person who keeps accepting your dates will eventually see you in your true form.  You might as well weed out the bad ones right away!

    Almost three years ago, I took the girl who will be my wife in 17 days to a karaoke bar for dinner and a serenade of cheesy love songs (on our second date)…she loved it, and I knew right then that she was a keeper.

    • a.

       Or you can pretend until the relationship inevitably ends.

      • Curious

        Hey, play nice! (Because you sound oddly bitter. Are you getting divorced?)

  • Dali

    Why you gotta hate on egg drop soup?

  • Dali

    Why you gotta hate on egg drop soup?

  • Tammy

    Fun fact: I once went on a date that consisted of gas station hot dogs and large Slurpees. Best date ever. Granted, I was 12. But still.

  • what


    • a.

      Shredded lettuce- so much easier.

  • Anonymous

    would prefer the positive spin of ’20 foods to seek out in particular on a date’

  • http://twitter.com/#!/themegmitchell Megan Mitchell

    Any kind of sandwich that has to be held together with toothpicks.  It is impossible to look sexy when you’re dropping lettuce and tomatoes everywhere.

  • a.

    #13 And now I’m craving The Counter…

  • CarmenOhio

    Did you seriously get paid to write this?  I’m not hating, I just want your job!

  • http://www.facebook.com/grc15r Gregory Costa

    It’s frequently a date for 1 with me, so I will be enjoying all of the above.  I could really go for some crab. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/grc15r Gregory Costa

    It’s frequently a date for 1 with me, so I will be enjoying all of the above.  I could really go for some crab. 

  • giggity_giggity

    Have to say I lol’ed at the mental image of someone eating a large peach. So unsettling haha.

  • ES

    OK.  I find this a bit silly.  I met my guy  in high school Where I stuffed a burrito in my face every day at lunch… and we are still together after almost 10 years. If you cant be yourself on a first date then it probably wont work out. Also, If your main concern on a date is being sexy, I think you may not have your priorities straight.

    • Reallydude2k11

      what a cool story

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