Feast Your Eyes On This $1 Billion Yacht

The stock market crashed today, dropping 450+ points, the biggest drop since December 1, 2008. Tomorrow morning, the July job report will be released, and it’s safe to say no one’s really looking forward to the results. (Hint: they don’t look too good). But don’t worry about it – there are awesome things in store for the future! Just check out this mind-boggling invention from Yacht Island Design Inc.. The proposed project will recreate the European city state of Monaco into a 500-foot watercraft equipped with swimming pool, gym, a submarine, a salon, private massage suites, a casino, a detachable submarine, and… you get the point. Well, maybe you don’t, because it also has a heliport and extra mini-yachts.

And a water patio.

And a racing track modeled after the Grand Prix course.

Anyway, this idea was first proposed in January and has still not received financing. And, alas, it seems unlikely to happen anytime soon now. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

via Uncrate

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